In The Business of Building Houses, We Build Homes.

In The Business of Building Houses, We Build Homes.

The driving principle for the folks at TRC Residential’s is that they do not just build houses for people to live in.  They build homes.  They build homes for people to own and be proud of.  They build homes for families where they can grow, laugh and thrive.  They invest themselves in the best interests of their clients.  This philosophy is artfully demonstrated by a recently completed custom home in the Denver Highlands. 

The curb appeal of this home is stunning.  It is decades newer than neighboring homes yet, its architecture compliments that of the homes around it.  It has traditional appeal but, it is an assembly of state-of-the-art materials and technology.

On the day of my visit, the jobsite was teeming with sub-contractors and inspectors completing essential details in preparation for the homeowners’ move-in day.  As usual, TRC would pass these inspections with flying colors (read about one of these inspections here).  With everyone attentively crossing things off their lists, I quietly explored the 25th Street project.

The first thing I noticed about the home was how roomy and open it felt despite the very narrow lot on which it sat.  Carefully placed large windows allowed a flood of natural light, illuminating a thoughtfully detailed and beautifully constructed interior. As I passed through the entryway, I paused to notice a curved staircase that seemed to invite me upstairs.

Declining that invitation for the moment, I proceeded into the main room.  On my right was a family room with its fireplace, topped by a lovely handmade mantle.  To my left was one of the most attractive kitchen layouts I’ve seen.  Standing in this place, I was struck again by just how roomy this home felt.

I was struck by the fit and finish of every detail of this home.  It was a joy to observe.  A close inspection of the tile work in this kitchen was an excellent example of the attention to detail that goes into every TRC Residential home.  It was here that I really started to envision what it will be like for the homeowners to live here.  It will be a home that its owner can be very proud of.

When I peered out of the patio door into the backyard, I ignored some of the remnants of construction work and instead imagined a lawn and a grill, perhaps some outdoor furniture.  I saw the garage, a separate structure that was clearly constructed with the same standard of quality as the home. 

I turned around and strolled back toward the front of the home, ready to accept the invitation to explore the upstairs area.  I immediately noticed the chandelier, a neatly designed piece that matched the overall feel of the home perfectly.  Once again, I was surprised by how open and naturally well lit the upstairs landing felt.

The upstairs rooms and bathrooms all shared this quality and I realized I hadn’t turned on a single light switch since I arrived.  Close inspection of the finish carpentry revealed the same attention to detail and precision demonstrated by the kitchen downstairs. Again, I found it remarkably easy to transport myself from a rapidly concluding construction effort to a comfortable and very attractive home. 

There’s a family living in the 25th Street home now and they love it.  There is a backyard and likely a grill with some outdoor furniture.  There’s carpet on the floors and likely some pictures on that handmade mantle.  When they pull off of the back alley and into that garage, the family walks up to the patio door and they step in.

They are home.

By Colin Spencer