Professional Collaboration - TRC Gets The Job Done

Professional Collaboration - TRC Gets The Job Done

On a recent extensive home remodeling project in Denver, CO, we were faced with many design challenges, one of which was providing for our client, in the most prominent location in her home, a fireplace surround and mantle.  Our client kind of knew what she wanted us to build but, could only describe it to us with an out-of-focus photograph.

Using the photograph as a starting point, we collaborated with her and the interior designer who we brought in to assist her in making decorating and color coordination decisions. 

The mantle and fireplace surround represented by the client’s photograph was immediately discarded out-of-hand by the interior designer and replaced with a concept that was more consistent with the design theme established by the architect.  The designer’s initial concept went through two or three minor refinements and a final design was agreed upon by all.

The fireplace surround and mantle that is the result of the collaboration is constructed of solid cherry and is stained and lacquered to match the stained woodwork and cabinetry in the rest of the house.  It is accented with remnants of the polished granite used on the kitchen island.  Its allusion to Craftsman-style architecture is consistent with the architectural design theme of the home and our client is thrilled with the results.

The successful results are attributable to the reconciliation of the Client’s vision with the design professional’s inspiration and the construction professional’s knowledge of fabrication options and costs and his ability to see the task to its successful conclusion.