Trusting Your General Contractor

Trusting Your General Contractor

You’ve done it.  You’ve made the decision.  You know what you want for your new home, whether it will be a full custom home right here in the Denver area, a home remodel, or maybe just a room addition.  Perhaps you’d like to add a second floor.  The point is, you have your vision, you have your finances ready to go, you have a plan, you just need someone to make it happen.

When considering your needs as they pertain to a general contractor, chief among them will be trustworthiness.  We at TRC Residential see this to be just as important as our ability to complete your project efficiently and to our very high standards.  From planning to permits, from foundations to finishes, your build will have an astonishing amount of moving parts.  The TRC Residential team has proven to have the expertise and experience to effectively manage this complex process and to warrant the trust placed in it.

TRC achieves this by keeping you in the loop.  At the beginning of your project you’ll be informed of what to expect and when to expect it.  We know that your building project is not just a large financial investment, but an emotional investment as well. It is important to us that you feel assured that it’s being handled right.

A huge part of achieving and maintaining the trust of our clientele is how we handle unforeseen challenges.  Delays in obtaining permits or scheduling mandatory inspections are just a couple examples of possible bumps in the road that might be encountered during the construction process.  These obstacles that are common in the building industry.  Not only does TRC plan for these challenges, but its management communicates with the client about them.  Solutions to the unexpected are offered – not excuses.

Another key element of earning a client’s trust is knowing the importance of communication.  We don’t expect homeowners to know or learn every intricacy of our craft.  But, we know that there will be questions and concerns about your project.  With TRC Residential, you’ll find that these questions and concerns will be heard with with patience and understanding.  This commitment to transparency has given the TRC team a long list of satisfied clients.

Competency in the building industry is valuable and TRC Residential certainly has no shortage of it.  But with such an undertaking as your Denver area construction endeavor, on its own, competency simply is not enough. You need dependability.  You need to trust your general contractor.  You need to know that you have someone on the job on whom you know you can rely.  You need to work with someone who you can confidently recommend to family and friends.  You need someone with authentic integrity.

You need TRC Residential.

By Colin Spencer

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