How do I know that the materials and products selected for my project are of appropriate quality and at the most economical price?

We apply our considerable expertise to bring together the resources necessary to provide a broad selection of products for your review. Our objective is to ensure that you get the most value for your construction dollars.

Will my project be finished when promised?

Yes. Prior to the commencement of construction, you will be presented with a schedule of events related to the construction of your project. A part of our contractual obligations to you will be your project’s timely completion.

How am I protected from cost overruns?

Your best protection is our experience, our integrity and our commitment to excellence. Operationally, we employ sophisticated job costing software that enables us to maintain accurate, up-to-date accounting of any project’s expenditures and to accurately project final costs.

How much is my project going to cost?

The cost of any project, of course, depends on its size and scope. Typically, we will provide you with a detailed estimate that is based on the information available to us at the time the estimate is prepared. Where information is lacking, allowances will provided. The objective is to provide you and your lender with a complete picture of the project and its related cost before the project is started.

Who provides the design services?

We can provide the design services for your project or we can work with your architect or interior designer.

How much do you charge for estimating a job?

Our estimating services are provided at no charge to our client.