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Our Core Services

Pre-Construction Services

  • Value Engineering - TRC Residential, LLC's extensive field experience renders it a valuable resource when working with an architect and related design professionals by discovering practical, cost-effective options that economically optimize the desired design effect.
  • Budgeting - TRC Residential, LLC can provide a preliminary budget in order to enable you to have a complete financial picture of your construction undertaking.
  • Scheduling - TRC Residential, LLC can prepare for your review a preliminary construction schedule in order to enable you to visualize the entire construction process as it relates to the planned project.
  • Constructability Review - Should TRC Residential, LLC be presented with completed construction documents, it offers comprehensive review services, the object of which is to discover and correct errors, omissions and contradictions in the plans. Such review eliminates potential costly corrections during the construction process.

Contract Options

Each construction project has its unique characteristics thus requiring contract arrangements structured to address desired objectives. TRC Residential, LLC offers flexibility in its construction agreements in order to be sensitive to specific needs. Some construction contract options are:

  • Negotiated Cost-Plus Contract – When project objectives are not well defined, a negotiated cost-plus contract arrangement permits TRC Residential, LLC and you to collaborate on project objectives as the project progresses while working within a pre-determined budget framework. Such collaboration ensures the successful achievement of project objectives while minimizing construction costs.
  • Cost-Plus with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) - A GMP is the budget limit that project costs must not exceed. As with a Negotiated Cost-Plus Contract, the construction project is still a collaborative effort between Travis Construction and you with the freedoms such an agreement permit.
  • Fixed Price Contract – When all project objectives are clearely defined and specified,TRC Residential, LLC can structure an agreement that requires Travis to execute the construction of the project for a pre-determined fixed-price. Such an arrangement is advantageous to you as it clearly establishes project objectives, defines the project construction duration and eliminates all risk to you.

Construction Management

TRC Residential, LLC's decades of experience in construction management qualifies it to be a valuable asset when assisting an owner in preparing for a construction project and in representing an owner during the construction process with regard to the project's architect and general contractor. Services TRC Residential Construction provides are:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Project cost monitoring
  • Bid Reviews
  • Contract negotiations
  • Progress payment reviews
  • Cost to Complete analyses
  • Dispute avoidance
  • Dispute resolution

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